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Book NameEberron Rising From The Last War
Release Date19 November 2019
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PublisherWizards RPG Team
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Eberron is a set created by Keith Baker for Dungeons & Dragons. Eberron Baker won the Wizards of the Coast Fantasy Setting Search 2002 contest, which was held to find a network for D&D. Eberron, and two more were selected from more than 11,000 competitive works. Eberron combines fantasy, noir with non-traditional elements of the world – trains, psychonics, aircraft, and mechanical intelligent creatures. The start of the game campaign in the world of Eberron begins after the devastating war on the continent of Khorvair. Eberron Campaign Setting (RUS. Game World: Eberron) (like Eberron’s world) was published in June 2004. The book was written by Keith Baker, Bill Slavischek, and James Wyatt.

Eberron Rising From The Last War Review

In more detail is the event that is covered in the world of Eberron – The Last War. The last War ended on the 11th of the month of Arit (the equivalent of November 11, the day when the First World War ended). The war lasted on Khorvair in 102 and began because of the controversy over which of the rulers of the Five Nations should claim the throne of the Empire of Galifar after the death of the last king. Two years before the end of the Last War, the Kaira nation was almost destroyed during the “Eberron Campaign Setting” (“Eberron Campaign Setting”), which does not give any precise definitions of why this happened, but the reference here may be to the atomic bombings that ended World War II. Also, the magical “radiation” that is found in the Earth of the Sorrow, modifies the flora and fauna, which is similar to radiation. This event helped at the end of the Last War, as the Khorvaira region, formerly known as Kair, was transformed into the Land of Sorrow, a House for Living Spells and Sects of Stabbed, headed by Lord Lezwius, who believes that the hijacked are at a higher level of development than the race from flesh and blood. In the lands of mourning, you can’t treat yourself naturally, and healing magic has no effect, so few people dared to enter these lands. The last War officially ended two years before the start of the campaign with the signing of the Tronhold Treaty, which created the Five Nations and many other non-human states, such as Dargoon or Valenar.

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What’s in the book?

Explore the Eberron lands in this campaign guide for the Dungeons & Dragons desktop role-playing game.

This book contains everything players and Masters of Underground need to play at Dungeons & Dragons in the Eberron network, a war-torn world filled with magic technologies, airjabs, and lightning trains, a mystery inspired by the nuar of the interweaving He’s having a reckless adventure. Will Eberron enter a prosperous new era, or will the shadow of war fall on him again?

Experience adventure with easy-to-use locations with maps of floating locks, skyscrapers, and more.
Explore Sharn, a city of skyscrapers, air-railings, and noisy intrigues, and a crossroads for the war-ravaged peoples of the world.
Include a campaign for characters going to Mournland covered with fog, corpse-riddled land disfigured by magic.
Combine magic and invention to create wonderful objects as the inventor – this is the first official class released for the fifth edition of D&D since the release of “The Player’s Books”.
Paint your characters with a new D&D game element called the group’s patron – a backstory for your entire group.
Explore 16 new race/race options, including dragon tags that magically transform some race representatives from the Player Book.
Fight the horrifying monsters born in the ravages of world wars.


They worked effectively here; I’m not exaggerating the amount of improvement they’ve made over past setting books (even the ones I preferred). I truly trust the “building experience” segment and the “bunch supporter” segments become a standard they stick to and remember for future setting books, as I can’t consider better instruments to give new DMs. My large criticize is the included experience way, and my lone hesitation there is that there’s insufficient of it. There’s still an opportunity to get better, however as a setting book, I don’t figure I can suggest any 5e book higher.

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